Mint NFT

Step 1: Visit and click on "Connect Wallet" to enable NFT minting.
Step 2: Click the "Mint" button to start the NFT minting process.
Step 3: Follow the instructions in your wallet to "Approve" and "Confirm" the minting of the NFT.
Step 4: Please wait while the NFT minting process is completed.
Step 5: Once the process is successful, a notification will appear, and you can view your minted NFT in the "My Assets" tab.
Importing NFTs to Metamask:
Each NFT has a unique smart contract address and Token ID after successful minting.
Step 1: Open the Metamask Extension, go to the "NFTs" tab, and click on "Import NFT".
Step 2: Enter the required information:
  • Contract address: Enter the smart contract address of the collection.
  • Token ID: Enter the Token ID of your owned NFT.
After entering the information, click the "Add" button to proceed.
Step 3: Click "Import" to complete the process. The imported NFT will be displayed as shown below: